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Natural Cream Base Recipe

Posted by Stephanie Caley on Friday, January 23, 2015, In : Recipes 
As promised..a natural cream base recipe on the blog! There are lots more recipes to follow, but this is a great one to do, as there are so many varieties you can try to make it perfect for you and your skin type!...Who needs chemicals on their skin which can be harmful to health, when we have these gorgeous, natural ingredients..?!

What you need to make approx 250g:
25g (6tsp) raw cocoa butter
20g (5 tsp) beeswax
135ml (7.5 tbsp) of your favourite base oil/s (I used organic almond oil & avocado ...
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Elderberry Syrup

Posted by Stephanie Caley on Tuesday, October 7, 2014, In : Recipes 
So, here's an Elderberry Syrup recipe that I promised in the first newsletter that went out! You'll find many variations of this recipe around! Some areas seem to have berries in abundance, and in other areas, they seem to have come and gone already! For this reason, I'm providing fresh berry, and dried berry proportions for the recipe (in case you wish to make  your own syrup, but can't find any fresh, so need to purchase some dried!). Elderberries are so rich in vitamin C (amongst other vit...
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