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March 2018:

Red Magazine (April 2018 issue): The Mind Herb

Words from Stephanie Caley, MNIMH on the uses of Rosemary herb and essential oil for memory & more.

Dec 2017:

Red Magazine, January 2018 Issue: How to Win the Cold War:

Herbal Tips from Stephanie Caley on keeping colds at bay, and a mention of Caley's Apothecary Organic Time for Winter Tea!

Prima Magazine, January 2018 Issue: Give Your Tum a Happy Christmas

Tips from herbalist, Stephanie Caley, MNIMH on herbal medicine and digestive health, with a mention of Caley's Apothecary Organic Time to Digest herbal tea!

November 2017:

500 Treatments for 100 Ailments book published.

This book has been co-authored by Caley's Apothecary herbalist & founder, Stephanie Caley, MNIMH. Find remedies for ailments from the perspective of a herbalist (Stephanie Caley), doctor, naturopath, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner & a homeopath, al in one book. For more info, and to purchase, click here!


25th October 2016:

Daily Express: It Will Always be Time for Tea: The Benefits of Herbal Blends

Stephanie Caley sharing info on the benefits of herbs.

October 2016:

Healthy Food Guide magazine

"It's Always Tea Time!"

Tips from Stephanie on herbs for every occasion! Caley's Apothecary herbal teas, Time to Relax and Time for Beauty featured, with Time for Beauty getting an "HFG Loves" badge!

September 2016:

Glamour Magazine

Best Spices to Boost Your Health

Stephanie was providing healthy herb tips to Glamour magazine. See the September 2016 issue, or click the above link.

Caley's Apothecary Time to Digest herbal tea also featured!

7th May 2016:

The Saturday Show, Channel 5

Stephanie was talking "Healthy Herbs" with Gaby Roslin, discussing the latest research on the use of Rosemary for memory, herbs for hay fever & more.

Jan 2016:


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